Coast Spas and Canadian craftsmanship:

Canada. Where products are made to survive the harsh Canadian Arctic cold and those Canadians have an incredible obsession for the finest in luxury fashion even when they are relaxing in sub-zero weather. It is from this balance of protection from the harshest of Canadian elements and purposeful styling essentials, coupled with their deep Canadian heritage and passion for all things Canadian, which has brought Coast Spas to build the finest longest lasting spas in the industry. The most impressive thing that  those Canadians, is that all the parts that are not from Canada are 100%  from USA manufacturers made to their specifications!   The exteriors options can be luxurious as Canadian AAA-Grade Cedar to Natural Slate.  From Canadian high-grade pressure treated frames, multi-layer re-enforced fiberglass acrylic shells designed in partnership with Owens Corning® to deliver the toughest and most durable hot tub shells available in a variety of colors and pattern finishes. Along with ergonomic seating, precision EXA Hydrotherapy Jets, commercial grade pressurized filtration systems, patented “Extreme” line of high-end spa jet pumps and integrated digital controls. These spas are built to last even the worst Canadian winters, so being in here in Georgia, it will be so much simpler to enjoy a lifetime of ownership and relaxation. The only ice you will have to worry about, is in your cup.

While all of the Coast Spas we have in our showroom are actually one of kind custom configured, no two are a like on purpose since we want each customer to have something special that no one else owns. We build them the same way we are providing to you below.

So, go ahead, sit back and cosy up with beverage and build your dream relaxation spa. Once you pick out the options and submit we will get it priced and send you the breakdown. You can do this as many times as you like, on any model.  Or if you don’t want to mess with technology, just give us a call.


It’s time to meet your match. Whether you’re looking for a Patio spa, Swim Spa or our Unique Signature Cascade vanishing (or infinity) edge design or a sexy Curve spa.  Getting ready to relax after an adventure is just a few clicks away. Discover our full range of Coast Spa models.

Whoever said “Getting yourself Into Hot Water”, never knew the benefits.


The Classic

Our Traditional Spas feature the classic Hot Tub design that has been the popular choice of Spa owners since Hot Tubs evolved from their cedar-barrel predecessors. Traditional Spas come standard with our advanced Hydro Cyclonic Filtration System. This exclusive filtration system tests 83% faster and 20% more efficient at filtering spa water than skim filtration and is the only portable Hot Tub filtration system that is commercial grade.


Real Spas Have Sexy Curves

Our Curve Spas have changed the definition of a Hot Tub. The sleek and stylish raised back design gives you protection from the elements as the acrylic shell comfortably wraps you in its warmth, offering both privacy and shelter. Each Curve Spa comes with an elevated 24″ adjustable waterfall, the largest in any hot tub.


Stunning Spa Design, once you see it,  you can’t unsee it.

For the first time ever, a vanishing (or infinity) edge design is available on a portable Hot Tub. This patented feature is more than just aesthetically stunning, it successfully eliminates two issues; water displacement from multiple bathers and the need for space consuming skimmers.


Just Keep Swimming with or without a tether, or Riding on a Water Bike, or Rowing, or working out with our Exercise Bands.

Providing you an endless variety of ways to mix it up and  exercise from low impact to intense cardio. Exercising in water is proven to be an efficient and effective medium for your workout.

The Wellness Health and Swim Spa Series has been developed with the sole objective to bring together all the health benefits that can be obtained by exercise, massage therapy and swimming. All built into one beautiful product that is perfect for you and your family to enjoy year-round.


Add water. Plug In. Enjoy. Say Ahhhhhh..

The Coast Spas Patio Series has everything you need to get into hot water. These premium Spas are made with the same high quality craftsmanship, but they are smaller to allow them to fit where our larger models won’t. Just plug these stunning Spas into your household outlet, fill with water and start enjoying.


Just Get Into Hot Water

NorthWind Hot Tub™ models are built to be the perfect entry-level hot tub if your looking for the first time to get into hot water. With a fit and finish of hot tubs twice their price, you are getting true value throughout. Canadian craftsmanship, high-grade pressure treated frame, multi-layer re-enforced fiberglass acrylic shell in a variety of colors and pattern finishes. Ergonomic seating, precision EXA Hydrotherapy Jets, high-end spa pumps and digital controls are built to last. Even the worst Canadian winters.